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JMCC Group is a leading provider of high quality, plant-derived medical products and services to the world. We’ve combined our belief in the healing properties of nature with a science-led approach to everything we do.


We grow pharmaceutical-grade cannabis at our extensive Cultivation Centre of Excellence in Jamaica, where we leverage the country's optimal cultivation climate and generations of local experience in growing and using cannabis for medicinal purposes. We combine these strengths with the latest scientific and technical advances to produce what we believe to be the world’s finest medical cannabis.


Today, we apply this same agricultural know-how and scientific discipline to growing Psilocybe (psilocybin-producing) mushrooms and related products in Jamaica to supply clinical trials exploring the efficacy of psilocybin in treating a variety of mental health and other disorders.

We embrace the highest global standards – including GACP and “Certified Organic” in cultivation and harvest, EU GMP in our Manufacturing Centre of Excellence in Malta, and GDP throughout our global logistics network – to ensure the safety, consistency and quality of all our medical products.

We also leverage the best technological developments across our operations to maximize efficiency and to ensure product quality, consistency and sustainability. Examples include:


  • Packaging our medical-grade, dried cannabis flower in reclaimed and recyclable aluminium tins -- a sustainable approach to preserving product quality, terpenes and flavonoids,

  • Using safe, efficient, closed-loop ethanol extraction to produce our high quality, full-spectrum extracts,

  • Producing our innovative, oral NanoSpray products using the latest nano-emulsification technology to improve API bio-availability and consistency, and to simplify titration and dosing,

  • Employing cold plasma sterilization, instead of irradiation, to enhance safety and quality. 


In so many ways, JMCC Group truly is “Where Nature Meets Science.”

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