JMCC Group is the leading global provider of premium Jamaican medical cannabis products and services to the world. We’ve achieved this leadership position by combining our belief in the healing properties of nature – specifically, the cannabis plant with its centuries of medical use – with a science-led approach to everything we do.


Operating a self-sufficient supply chain, JMCC is a fully integrated medical cannabis company – and then some. In Jamaica, our JMCC Source division combines the country’s optimal, year-round growing climate and unique cannabis varieties with an unswerving commitment to meeting or exceeding international quality, safety and security standards, including EU GMP and “Certified Organic” (certification for both pending in 2020). JMCC Source is responsible for cannabis propagation, cultivation, processing, primary extraction and testing, all managed by our highly qualified local teams.

All of our medical cannabis is produced by members of the JMCC Farmers’ Collective, farmers who grow exclusively for JMCC to meet our exacting quality, security and sustainability requirements. In return, they receive access to international markets, annual price and volume guarantees, training in agronomy and international quality standards, and other benefits.


Our launch of JMCC Scientific in June 2020 was the natural next step in the evolution of the company, using our medical-grade, Source-supplied cannabis to develop and produce safe, effective and innovative medical solutions for patients around the world. We are providing our first cannabis-based treatments – for chronic pain, anxiety disorder, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, on an at-cost basis, to patients participating in one of the world’s largest observational studies, Project TWENTY21 in the United Kingdom, a patient registry initiative organized by the non-profit research organization, Drug Science.


JMCC Distribution gets our medical cannabis products and those of our distribution-services clients, to customers, research partners and patients worldwide swiftly, securely and safely. Leveraging best practices, global scale, and long-standing relationships with leading transportation companies worldwide, JMCC Distribution encompasses our proprietary, state-of-the-art warehouse management system and GDP-compliant distribution centres in Jamaica, Australia and the EU to provide a seamless customer experience and eliminate supply interruptions for patients.


Collaboration is key to building a successful, socially responsible medical cannabis industry. We work with a variety of partners, including the members of our Farmers’ Collective and other growers’ associations in Jamaica, medical research and educational institutions, cannabis industry groups, patient advocacy and public education organizations. Together, we’re striving to build a world where the benefits of medical cannabis are scientifically proven and available to all.


JMCC Group truly is “Where Nature Meets Science”.