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JMCC Group is the leading provider of premium Jamaican medical cannabis products and services to the world. We’ve combined our belief in the healing properties of nature – specifically, the cannabis plant and its medical use for centuries – with a science-led approach to everything we do.


We combine Jamaica’s optimal cultivation climate and generations of local experience in growing and using cannabis for medicinal purposes with the latest plant husbandry techniques, processing developments and scientific advances to produce what we believe to be the world’s finest medical cannabis and related products.

We embrace the highest global standards – including GACP and “Certified Organic” in cultivation and harvest, GMP in our processing and manufacturing, and GDP throughout our global distribution network – to ensure the safety, consistency and quality of all our medical cannabis products.

We also leverage the best technological developments across our operations to maximize efficiency and to ensure product quality, consistency and sustainability. Examples include:



In so many ways, JMCC Group truly is “Where Nature Meets Science.”

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