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Operating a self-contained supply chain that ensures enterprise-wide quality management, JMCC Group is a fully integrated biosciences company providing pharma-level medical cannabis and psilocybin products to distributors, clinics, researchers and, ultimately to patients worldwide.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada and led by an international leadership team, JMCC spans four continents with operations in North America, Australasia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Our largest base of operations is in Jamaica, where we propagate, grow and process both our naturally grown, organic-compliant medical-grade cannabis and our organic-compliant Psilocybe mushrooms.


JMCC Source

JMCC Source is responsible for cannabis propagation, cultivation, processing, primary extraction and testing. Each of these key steps is managed by our highly qualified teams. Unlike indoor cannabis cultivation facilities around the world that attempt to emulate naturally occurring environments, JMCC Source works with nature to produce consistently high-quality, medical-grade cannabis with a minimal carbon footprint. 

JMCC Source combines Jamaica’s ideal, year-round growing climate and unique cannabis varieties with an unswerving commitment to meeting or exceeding international quality, safety and security standards. We are compliant with GACP and EU GMP standards and “Certified Organic” (North America) with certifications pending.

Scientific PN-A Patient Brochure-Spray Diagram.jpg

JMCC Scientific

We believe that the future of medical cannabis lies in the science-led development of safe, effective treatments for specific medical conditions. Launched in 2019 and advised by leading medical experts from around the globe, JMCC’s Scientific Division is the embodiment of our corporate promise: “Where Nature Meets Science”.


Today JMCC Scientific is developing safe, best-in-class, liquid cannabis medicine products, based on evidentiary science and formulated to assist patients with specific medical conditions. Our innovative, nano-emulsified oral sprays have been developed to simplify titration by prescribers, self-administration by patients and consistency throughout treatment.

JMCC Distribution
We understand the logistical challenges of securely warehousing and globally distributing a high-value, tightly regulated and environmentally sensitive product like cannabis. JMCC Distribution encompasses our proprietary, state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) and our GDP-compliant/certified distribution centres in Jamaica, Australia and the European Union. 

JMCC Distribution provides for complete chain-of-command tracking from warehouse to end-customer delivery. Our medical cannabis products – and those of our distribution-services clients – reach customers, research partners and patients worldwide safely, securely, on time and cost effectively.

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