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Operating a self-contained supply chain that ensures enterprise-wide quality management, JMCC Group is a diversified, fully integrated biosciences company providing pharma-level medical cannabis and psilocybin products to distributors, clinics, researchers and, ultimately, to patients worldwide.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, JMCC is led by an international leadership team with operations in North America and Europe, and a global distribution network.

Our cultivation base is Jamaica, where we propagate, grow and initially process both our naturally grown, GACP and Organic-compliant medical-grade cannabis and Psilocybe mushrooms. Unlike indoor cannabis cultivation facilities around the world that attempt to emulate naturally occurring environments, JMCC works with nature to produce consistently high-quality, medical-grade cannabis with a minimal carbon footprint. 


JMCC Life Sciences Europe Limited operates from our 32,000-square-foot, EU GMP-certified production centre in Malta, where we conduct final processing, extraction, testing, packaging, labelling, warehousing and shipping of both our own medical products and those of our outsourcing services customers with each process managed by a highly experienced, specialized team.

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We believe that the future of plant-derived medicines lies in the science-led development of safe, effective treatments for specific medical conditions. Advised by leading medical experts from around the globe, JMCC’s product R&D is the embodiment of our corporate promise: “Where Nature Meets Science”.


Today, we are developing safe, best-in-class medical products like our innovative, cannabis-based nano-emulsified oral sprays. These have been developed to simplify titration for prescribers as well as self-administration by patients, and to ensure consistent dosing  throughout treatment.

Our robust product R&D program continues to generate new treatment applications and medicine-delivery form factors as we focus on producing the next generation of pharma for prescribers and patients worldwide.

Global Logistics Services
We understand the logistical challenges of securely warehousing and globally distributing high-value, tightly regulated and environmentally sensitive products like plant-derived medicines such as cannabis and psychedelics. Our Global Logistics Services encompass our proprietary, state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS), our GDP-compliant/certified distribution centres in Jamaica and the European Union, and a highly experienced team.

We provide complete chain-of-command tracking from warehouse to end-customer delivery. Our medical cannabis products – and those of our third-party Logistics Services clients – reach customers, research partners and patients worldwide safely, securely and cost effectively.

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