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Realizing that collaboration is key to building a successful, socially responsible medical cannabis industry, we work with a variety of partners, striving to build a world where the benefits of plant-based medicine are scientifically proven and available to all.


Supporting Research

JMCC works with research and educational institutions to help share the latest studies and best practices with physicians and other medical professionals. These cover areas such as cannabis dosing and titration, delivery methods and devices, product formulations, contra-indications and side effects.

Exclusive Caribbean Supplier to Project Twenty21

In addition to supporting other research projects, we are providing our cannabis-based medical products on an at-cost basis to patients registered in Project Twenty21. Based in the United Kingdom and one of the world’s largest observational studies, ProjectTwenty21 is a patient registry initiative organized by the non-profit research organization, Drug Science. As the only company specifically invited to participate, JMCC is Project Twenty21’s exclusive supplier from the Caribbean region.

Industry Partners

Our partners also include members of JMCC’s Farmers’ Collective and national growers’ associations in Jamaica as well as medical cannabis industry groups, patient advocacy and public education organizations in every country in which we operate.

UWI Faculty of Sci and Tech SIgn.jpeg

Distribution Partners

In specific regions and jurisdictions, we work with carefully selected and locally licensed distribution partners to expand patient access to JMCC’s high-quality medical cannabis products via each jurisdiction’s permitted distribution channels – such as pharmacies or clinics.

Contact us if you are in a country/state where medical cannabis is legal and you want to know whether JMCC products are available in your area.

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