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Our medical-only focus enables us to concentrate our resources on developing and delivering the best products to distributors, clinics, pharmacies and, where permitted, directly to patients worldwide. Our products include EU GMP-compliant, organic cannabis flower with a variety of cannabinoid and terpene profiles, high-quality, broad-spectrum extracts, and innovative, nano-emulsified oral sprays.


In addition, third-party clients use the services of our global Distribution Division to ensure their high-value medical cannabis products get to their customers swiftly and securely.


Innovative Oral Sprays

JMCC also offers advanced cannabinoid therapy via a range of formulations produced in a safe, effective, nano-emulsion format. Developed by our Scientific Division, under the guidance of leading international experts specializing in a range of medical conditions, JMCC’s oral nano-sprays deliver several benefits for physicians and patients:

  • Higher bioavailability, which means that less cannabinoids are required to achieve the same results,

  • Consistent dosing and improved titration

  • Simple self-administration for patients, discretion and portability in a controlled-dosage spray format.

Only the GMP-certified, organically grown cannabis produced by JMCC Source is used to develop and produce all of JMCC Scientific’s medical cannabis solutions for patients worldwide.

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Premium Medical Cannabis Extracts

We produce high-quality, broad-spectrum winterized oils from JMCC's range of balanced and THC/CBD-dominant cultivars, as well as distillates.  All JMCC extracts are: 

  • Made only from JMCC's high-quality, organically grown cannabis,

  • Created using safe, efficient closed-loop ethanol extraction,

  • Produced, tested and packaged in our secure, pharma-grade, GMP-certified facilities.


Organic, Medical-Grade Dried Cannabis Flower

JMCC specializes in providing a range of Jamaican cannabis cultivars developed for specific medicinal uses. These include balanced and higher-THC varieties to optimally assist in alleviating certain symptoms and conditions, as indicated by research. 


All JMCC medical cannabis flower is:

  • Organically and sustainably grown in JMCC’s custom-designed, mesh greenhouses to leverage Jamaica's ideal cultivation climate,

  • Cultivated and harvested to GACP standards, 

  • Processed, quality-tested and packaged in our GMP-compliant facilities


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Global Product Distribution
JMCC Distribution will get your medical cannabis products to your customers and patients worldwide securely, safely and swiftly. Leveraging best practices, global scale and long-standing relationships with leading transportation companies worldwide, our proprietary, state-of-the-art warehouse management system and GDP-compliant distribution centres in Jamaica, Australia and the EU provide a seamless customer experience and eliminate supply interruptions for patients.

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