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Sustainability Is Factored into Every Aspect of Our Business 

You cannot be committed to nature and science and not be committed to ensuring your business does no harm. We strive to conduct our business in a way that is good for people and the planet.

We leverage Jamaica’s ideal growing climate to ensure our medical products have sustainable roots. But that’s not all we do. Sustainability is factored into every aspect of our business. 

  • We harvest rainwater and have a four-million-gallon irrigation system that captures Jamaica's precious rainfall, stores and purifies it to water our crops

  • We package our dried flower in 100% recyclable aluminium tins with polycarbonate child-resistant-lids

  • We take a sustainable approach to raw cannabis waste destruction

  • We are 100% organic-compliant, all nutrients, etc., applied to plants are organic/natural

Becoming the Most Sustainable Company in the Industry by 2030

In 2018, we set a corporate goal of becoming the most sustainable company in the medical cannabis industry by 2030. We have made considerable strides, but we know we have to do more.

As such:

  • A solar power array is in planning and development to provide supplemental electricity

  • We will undertake ongoing evaluation and tracking of our waste output

  • We will reduce waste and significantly cut the use of non-recyclable materials

  • A new water filtration system will offer potential to make excess water supply available to the local community

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