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Innovative Medical Cannabis Oral Sprays

Using advanced nano-emulsion technology, our medical cannabis NanoSprays™ chart a new direction for the industry by distilling our organic flower into a safe, discreet and convenient format that offers patients a healthier alternative to smoking or vaping.

Developed under the guidance of international experts specializing in a range of medical conditions, JMCC's NanoSpray product lines deliver important benefits for physicians and patients:


  • Higher bio-availability, which means that a smaller amount of cannabinoids are required to achieve the same results compared to oral oil or flower;

  • Sublingual route of administration to enable rapid uptake into the bloodstream;

  • Consistent dosing and improved titration for accurate tracking of therapeutic outcomes;

  • Simple, precise and discreet self-administration for patients, eliminating the inconvenience and fuss of rolling and smoking or vaping; and

  • Preservation of the original plant terpenes that are unique to the tropical Jamaican environment.

Available in a range of cannabinoid profiles and concentrations, JMCC's NanoSprays provide an efficient, simplified pathway to wider adoption of cannabis therapies for many conditions.

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