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While relatively few Jamaicans use cannabis for recreational purposes, many strongly believe in the cannabis plant’s healing properties and the benefits that cannabis can bring to patients worldwide. They share JMCC’s goal of helping to develop a world-class medical cannabis industry in Jamaica, and we are likewise committed to giving back to Jamaica via job creation and training, and local economic and social development.

Employing Highly Skilled Jamaican Teams 
To that end, we employ Jamaican nationals throughout our operations, offering generous compensation and market-leading benefit programs, an array of training and development programs and educational support, and a safe and equitable workplace. We are swiftly reaching our goal of becoming “the Employer of Choice” in Jamaica’s medical cannabis industry. 


Sustainability Leadership

Our founders originally chose Jamaica as JMCC’s centre of operations because of its optimal cultivation environment – both for growing high-quality medical cannabis and doing so more sustainably than possible in more northern climates.


Our continuing focus on sustainability in all of our operations is as much about stewarding the environment for current and future generations of Jamaicans as it is about doing our part to reduce our carbon and waste footprint today.  

Partnerships with Jamaican Organizations
We also partner with local regulatory, research and educational organizations, such as the National Research Council, the University of the West Indies’ Mona Campus, national and local cannabis growers’ associations, and others.


The JMCC Foundation

The JMCC Foundation is an endowment (funded by 10% of the company’s net profits to be paid in over 10 years) to support scientific, educational, environmental and community assistance programs in Jamaica. Funding applications are evaluated and awarded by a committee of JMCC officers and Jamaican partner organizations. 

Legal and Regulatory Compliance
To facilitate Jamaica’s reputation as a reliable and respected provider of consistently high-quality medical cannabis and related products to patients worldwide, we champion compliance with both the spirit and the letter of Jamaica’s laws and regulations governing medical cannabis, as we do in every country in which we do business. 

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JMCC Farmers’ Collective   
JMCC is also a strong supporter of farmers, their families and their communities. All of our medical cannabis is produced by members of the JMCC Farmers’ Collective, an umbrella growers’ cooperative that is majority-owned by its farmer-members. Members of the Collective are carefully selected by our Farm Relations team for their horticultural knowledge, legal access to suitable land, and willingness to invest the time and effort to learn and comply with both our stringent requirements and all regulations established by Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority. 


Farmer-members of the Collective grow exclusively for JMCC to our exacting quality, security and sustainability standards. In return, they receive benefits including access to international markets, annual price and volume guarantees, and continuous training in agronomy, quality and business management.

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