From conception, JMCC has been resolutely focused on meeting the needs of patients. First, our vision was to become the best grower of medical cannabis in the world, with all that means in terms of producing premium-quality, sustainably grown, Jamaican cannabis flower and winterized cannabis oils for our licensed customers to provide to their patients. As proofs, we expect to achieve EU GMP certification shortly and to become “Certified Organic by the end of 2020.


More recently, we expanded on that vision, to also develop and produce world-class cannabis-based medicines via our new division, JMCC Scientific. This was a natural next step for us as a company, and consistent with our commitment to patient health and safety. Our focus is on developing products that provide superior bioavailability and dosing control, while accepting that some patients will continue to prefer smoked or vaped products.


Throughout, we’ve stayed resolute to that commitment to patients --  foregoing the opportunities created by the legalization of cannabis for adult recreational use in Canada – because we believe there’s still so much to do to advance the potential of cannabis as a treatment for a variety of medical afflictions. Which cannabinoids and other compounds, in what dosages, are most efficacious for different conditions like anxiety, depression, MS, insomnia and different kinds of chronic pain? How to minimize addiction risks and replace more dangerous drugs like opioids?

And, despite the progress made recently, there are still so many challenges to resolve when it comes to using cannabis as medicine. Patient access issues, including overly restrictive legislation and affordability. Broadening education among medical professionals. Eliminating the stigma surrounding the use of cannabis as medicine for patients and doctors. Balancing the need for overly complex and expensive randomized control trials in the face of decades of real-world evidence from hundreds of thousands of medical users.


At JMCC, we’re helping to resolve many of these challenges. By providing medical cannabis for select clinical trials and observational studies free or at cost to research initiatives such as Project Twenty21. By organizing and sponsoring events, such as our Medical Cannabis Research Symposium in London in 2019. By championing medical cannabis at industry events worldwide, such as Canada’s premier show, the Lift Cannabis Conference & Expo, where we’ve been the lead medical sponsor since 2018.

We also continue to focus on continuously improving sustainability and environmental stewardship in all of our operations. We’re swiftly reaching our goal of becoming “the Employer of Choice” in Jamaica’s cannabis industry, offering market-leading compensation and benefit programs, generous training opportunities and support, and a fair and equitable workplace. We’re adding more small, independent farmers to the JMCC Farmers’ Collective, to support equitable access to Jamaica’s cannabis industry. And, we’re contributing to Jamaica’s social and economic development via the JMCC Foundation.


We do all of this because we believe these kinds of things are important. And we believe they're important to patients too.