While indoor cannabis cultivation facilities around the world are fighting their environments in efforts to emulate naturally occurring ones, our JMCC Source division works with nature to produce consistently high-quality medical marijuana with a minimal carbon footprint.


For centuries, Jamaican households and small farmers have taken advantage of the island’s natural, year-round, optimal growing conditions – with its equal portions of daylight and night, 50% humidity and cooling mountain breezes – to grow some of the world’s best cannabis. This includes unique landraces that have evolved from the original “ganja” brought by indentured servants from India in the 1800s, which adapted to thrive in the local climate, and were carefully nurtured for their medicinal properties by Jamaicans.


JMCC’s Source division brings together this optimal climate and rich cultivation history via our Farmer's Collective and the scientific excellence of our partners at the University of the West Indies and the National Research Council with our own highly experienced local Agronomy team to deliver medical-grade cannabis – both dried flower and full-spectrum raw extracts -- that are unrivaled for their quality, distinct flavours and optimized medicinal profiles.



Started from our own cloning and tissue-culture operations, all JMCC medical cannabis is grown in custom-designed, mesh-sided greenhouses that allow maximum natural sunlight and ventilation. Using coir as an environmentally sound and safe (i.e., free from ground contaminants such as heavy metals) growing medium and irrigated only with collected rainwater, JMCC cultivates at its own “home farm” outside of Montego Bay. Here, JMCC Source also processes all harvests grown by our Farmers’ Collective members under JMCC supervision. Each plant, wherever it’s grown, is bar-coded and monitored throughout its life-cycle by our proprietary track-and-trace system. All of our operations are protected by sophisticated, multi-level security systems that exceed regulatory requirements.


In collaboration with independent testing laboratories, JMCC tests every crop throughout the growing cycle, at harvest, and at pre- and post-processing to ensure chemical profile consistency and raw material quality, a critical EU GMP compliance step. We continue right through to stability/shelf-life testing of all final packaged products in inventory.