At JMCC, we believe the future of medical cannabis lies in the science-led development of safe, effective treatments for specific medical conditions.


That’s why we established JMCC Scientific, as the natural next step in our company’s evolution, to utilize our GMP-certified, organically grown, Jamaican-sourced cannabis to produce best-in-class, liquid cannabis medical products for patients worldwide. And that is why JMCC was the only company to be specifically invited to participate in the U.K.’s Project Twenty21, as its exclusive supplier from the Caribbean region.


Advised by leading medical experts from around the globe, such as Dr. Evan Cole Lewis and Professor Elyad Davidson, Director of the Pain Relief Unit in Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center in Israel, JMCC Scientific is focused on developing medical cannabis solutions that provide:

  • Dosing consistency via standardized chemical profiles,

  • High bio-availability (i.e. rapid relief onset): superior to every other delivery format including smoking and vaping,

  • Ease of use for patients via compact, discretely packaged, precision oral sprays.

JMCC Scientific has a range of products in development, including treatments for epilepsy, chronic pain relief, multiple sclerosis spasticity and anxiety disorder. Each product begins with medical-quality botanical material produced by JMCC Source to consistently match the desired chemical profile, and from which we derive full-spectrum extracts using the cleanest and most advanced ultrasonic-assisted, cold ethanol extraction technology.

All cannabis-based pharmaceutical medicines on the market today use either THC or CBD isolates or synthetic versions of these molecules in their final composition. However, like many scientists and medical cannabis patients themselves, JMCC believes in the “Entourage Effect” — essentially the synergistic effects of all cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds present in the plant. Hence, we use only the full-spectrum extract from each cannabis variety selected and grown to address each specific medical condition as the base for all of our medical products.

Support for Medical Research, Professionals and Patients

After decades of stigmatization and prohibition, the use of cannabis for medical purposes has only begun to be vigorously explored during this century, despite its previous use as medicine for millennia. Hundreds of research initiatives have been concluded or are now underway worldwide, notably in Australia, Canada, Europe, Israel and the U.S. and include both major observational studies, like Project TWENTY21 and clinical trials. Hundreds of thousands of patients, who have been treating their conditions with cannabis for many years (often because pharmaceutical products were not effective or came with severe side-effects) encompass a body of “real-world” evidence that is only now being formally studied.


However, the endocannabinoid system and how cannabis works with it to treat a variety of medical conditions is still not part of the curriculum in most medical schools today. (For example, a 2018 study of 145 medical schools in the U.S. found that only 9% of them addressed medical cannabis in their curricula at all, despite over half of the largest U.S. states having legalized it for medical purposes.)


So, not only do we support select medical research, clinical trials and large observational studies like Project Twenty21, we work with medical experts, research organizations and patients’ groups to help share the latest research findings and best practices - in areas like cannabis dosing and titration, delivery methods and devices, product formulations, contraindications, side effects and other helpful information - with physicians and other medical professionals and patients. You can find some of that information here.