Worldwide, nations are moving in the direction of legalizing medical cannabis. And, as those doors open, the ability to consistently and swiftly meet patient demand quickly becomes a national issue. As a fully integrated, global medical cannabis company – operating within a self-contained supply chain -- JMCC Group is the solution.


Through JMCC Source, licensed producers, biotechnology companies and other medical cannabis providers worldwide can stop struggling with the costs, challenges and limitations of cultivation -- and focus instead on providing their patients with a predictable supply of EU GMP-compliant, organically grown (certification pending) medical cannabis, sustainably grown by our Farmers’ Collective in Jamaica. Our unique Jamaican landraces also provide our customers with market defence against the threat of commodification.


JMCC Scientific can formulate, test, manufacture, package and label your cannabis-based medical treatments to your specifications at our world-class central facility in Jamaica. Whether your product line includes dried cannabis flower, broad- or full-spectrum extracts, distillates or isolates, or other botanical active ingredients, JMCC Scientific’s highly qualified scientific, technical and quality assurance teams can produce them to your specifications.


JMCC Distribution gets your medical cannabis products to your customers and patients worldwide swiftly, securely and safely. Leveraging best practices, global scale, and long-standing relationships with leading transportation companies worldwide, JMCC Distribution encompasses our proprietary, state-of-the-art warehouse management system and GDP-compliant distribution centres in Jamaica, Australia and the EU to provide a seamless customer experience and eliminate supply interruptions for patients.


In short, JMCC Group provides a fully-integrated medical cannabis outsourcing solution encompassing custom propagation, cultivation, field and laboratory testing, processing, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and global distribution – with all operations driven by stringent quality assurance programs and protected by comprehensive, multi-level security.


As an Outsourcing Solution client of JMCC, your company can focus on what you do best – developing innovative medical cannabis treatments for patients – and know that JMCC will manage producing and delivering those vital products to market, all to the very highest standards of product integrity, quality and compliance.