With all that Jamaica has to offer to the expanding world of medical cannabis, it needs foreign investment to develop a world-class medical cannabis industry. But foreign investors need to be sensitive to the country’s history of exploitation by outsiders. They also need to partner with local institutions to deliver real benefits to Jamaican society as a whole and listen to and learn from Jamaicans themselves.


JMCC’s commitment to Jamaica includes:

  • Partnering with local regulatory, research and educational organizations, such as the Cannabis Licensing Authority, the National Research Council, the University of the West Indies’ Mona Campus, national and local cannabis growers’ associations, and others;

  • Employing Jamaican nationals throughout our operations in well-compensated jobs, with generous training and development supports, and a safe, equitable work environment;

  • Championing compliance with both the spirit and the letter of Jamaica’s laws and regulations governing medical cannabis (as well as those of every country to which we export, including attaining EU GMP certification) to help Jamaica become a reliable and respected provider of consistently high-quality medical cannabis and related products to business customers and patients worldwide;

  • Maintaining a continuous focus on sustainability, with all operations geared to minimizing our environmental impact, including achieving “Certified Organic” status by the end of 2020;

  • Doing everything we can to become the “Employer of Choice” in Jamaica’s medical cannabis industry

  • Supporting local independent farmers via the JMCC Farmers’ Collective;

  • Giving back to Jamaica via the JMCC Foundation.


The JMCC Farmers’ Collective


JMCC strongly supports farmers, their families and communities. We formed the JMCC Farmers’ Collective to provide independent Jamaican farmers with access to international markets, entrepreneurial support services and other assistance. Essentially, the JMCC Farmers’ Collective is an umbrella growers’ cooperative and is majority-owned by its farmer-members. Each has been carefully selected by our Farm Relations team for their knowledge, legal access to suitable land and willingness to invest the time and effort to learn and comply with our stringent organically-grown standards as well as all regulations established by Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority.


Among the services and benefits the JMCC Farmers’ Collective provides to its farmer-members:


  • Agronomy, organic-growing and quality assurance training and ongoing guidance to achieve international standards for consistency, quality and reliability to enable them to access international markets;

  • Annual price and volume guarantees to help them plan, budget and grow their operations with confidence;

  • Access to a well-managed supply chain to ensure cultivation supplies, equipment and other needs can be obtained at the lowest possible cost.

The JMCC Foundation


The JMCC Foundation, in which 10% of annual net profits will be invested over 10 years, is an endowment to support local scientific, educational, environmental and community support programs. JMCC Foundation funding applications are evaluated and awarded by a committee of JMCC officers and Jamaican partner organizations.


Currently, we’re focusing on supporting medical research, such as providing JMCC products free or at cost to:

  • FDA-approved medical trials for treatments for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and pancreatic cancer developed by Jamaica-based Medicanja,

  • Project TWENTY 21, Europe’s largest medical cannabis research study.


​Future JMCC Foundation-funded initiatives may include:

  • Local economic development programs that are in keeping with JMCC’s environmental stewardship philosophy, such as bee husbandry and forest management,

  • Supporting local college and university programs in medical cannabis research, agronomy, processing and laboratory sciences,

  • Supporting other STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) educational projects, in collaboration with Jamaica’s Ministry of Education.

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